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Children’s Social Care at the London Borough of Bromley is on a journey of improvement and we are seeking highly talented and ambitious people to join us.

Bromley is committed to making children and young people in the Borough its top priority. Our new Deputy Chief Executive and Executive Director Ade Adetosoye OBE is leading us on our journey with a clear vision to raise the profile of safeguarding and highlighting people’s shared responsibility in keeping children and young people safe. This is an exciting time to join us as we transform services for children in Bromley. Our roles provide you with a unique opportunity to be innovative and aspirational for children.

We are confident that with your support, we will provide good social care services to our children in Bromley as set out in our improvement and transformation plan. We are confident that we are now on the right path with political and corporate leadership support all in place. 

When you join Bromley, you will be joining a team that offers strong leadership, talented people support and excellent career development giving you the opportunity to do what you do best, implement the highest standards of practice and of course, change children’s lives for the better.

When children are first referred to us, it’s this team that responds. They will make an initial assessment, investigating any cases of suspected or possible child abuse in line with Child Protection procedures. Finally, they will either take short-term action to address the vulnerability of the child or refer cases on to other teams if long-term intervention is required.
This multi-disciplinary team specialises in working with teenagers to help them negotiate family relationships and prevent family breakdown.
Our Referral & Assessment Team may pass some cases onto the Safeguarding & Care Planning Teams. These Teams specialise in cases and care proceedings where a child or young person needs to be looked after. The teams conduct a core assessment and then work closely with Family Centres to make sure that preventative measures are in place to safeguard children and care for them within their families.
The Service doesn’t just match children with carers. The team recruits foster carers, assesses them and provides support, often in the shape of a Link Worker Service. Close collaboration with Social Workers in other teams is crucial to this team’s success.
Our Adoption Agency brings together the work of the Adoption Panel and the Adoption team. The Service recruits, assesses and supports prospective Adopters, training and preparing them, prior to approval by the Adoption Panel. If a child is placed with adoptive parents, the Service will offer post-adoption support. There’s also support for parents who are considering giving up their babies or children for adoption, as well as adults who require counselling or access to their birth records after being adopted as children.
This team works with children and young people who are looked after by the Local Authority. They may be young children who have suffered significant harm while in their parents’ care. Or it could be teenagers whose challenging behaviour has led to a breakdown in family relationships. Whatever the problem, our Looked-After Children Service draws up suitable care plans, in partnership with Education and Health professionals. These may recommend that the child or young person is adopted, fostered or returned to their family. Ultimately, the Service is there to give vulnerable children and young people a better chance in life.
Many young people find leaving care an exciting but difficult time. This team helps those between 16 and 21 (or up to 24 if they are in full-time care), to adapt to a new independent life. The aim is to equip these young people with the skills they need for the future – everything from budgeting and cooking, to DIY. The team will also help them find suitable accommodation and secure employment and training, so they’re prepared for adult life.
This team is critical to the success of Children’s Services – and to the children we help. Our QA professionals audit case files, develop improvement plans and act as a ‘critical friend’ to teams delivering direct services. The IRO team and Independent Child Protection Chair team sit within this team.
Organising placements for looked-after children is no small feat. This team explores all the in-house alternatives before commissioning any fostering or residential placements. Our Commissioning professionals also develop links with the voluntary sector to ensure that children and families in the borough get better access to family support services.
Bromley’s Youth Offending Team (YOT) is at the forefront of tackling youth crime. Established under the Crime and Disorder Act 1998, it provides and co-ordinates local Youth Justice Services.

Our team is made up of representatives from the Police, Probation Service and Social Services, as well as Health, Education, Drugs and Alcohol Misuse and Housing departments. Together, they work with children and young people aged between 10 and 17 who commit crimes or are at risk of doing so. Like everyone who works for the criminal justice system, the team believes in the swift administration of justice; targeted interventions; confronting offenders with the consequences of their crimes; encouraging young offenders to recompense their victims; punishments that are proportionate to the seriousness of offences; and reinforcing the responsibility of parents. Our Youth Offending Team received top scores from CJJI in it’s 2012 Core Case Inspection.
The Bromley Children Project is the borough-wide early intervention and prevention service that aims to protect and develop children, particularly those who are struggling and are in need of some additional help but don’t meet the threshold for Children’s Social Care, by offering a range of support for both them and their families.
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  " Bromley’s Children’s Social Care includes a team dedicated to helping Looked After young people adjust to an independent life."