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At the London Borough of Bromley, we feel privileged that we’re helping children and young people turn their lives around. As part of the Children’s and Young People Services, you’ll work with like-minded people to deliver an innovative service, that’s providing new beginnings to those in need.  
Whether you’re a newly qualified Social Worker or an experienced manager, we’re interested in your talents. Our wide range of services means that we can offer roles across a variety of areas, to people at every stage of their careers.  
Social Worker  
From Newly Qualified to someone who is more experienced, this is an entry level role into the qualified social work profession. You’ll hold a caseload and receive guidance and supervision from more experienced practitioners and managers in the team.  
Senior Practitioner  
You are the more experienced Practitioner who having worked as a Social Worker, now has the confidence and working knowledge of the job to take on the more complex cases. You’ll also be able to supervise others including students on their practice placements and sometimes the more junior members of the team.  
Deputy Manager  
This is the first step into social work management for someone with experience of supervising at Senior Practitioner level. This role enables you to provide leadership to the team, as you supervise practicing staff, promote best practice and support the Group Manager to run the team in the most innovative and effective way possible.  
Group Manager  
Overseeing the whole of the team with the help of your Deputy Manager(s), you are responsible for the running of the operational team including supervision, case allocation, recruitment, performance management, budget monitoring and much more. You’ll be part of a larger strategic management team that reviews and develops how we maintain a joined-up, modern social care service.  
The Borough
  "Bromley offers an array of benefits to social workers, including a £1,000 ‘Golden Hello’."